David Grant - Who wrote this rubbish about a hotel in Cornwall?

David Grant I did, I am David Grant, owner of Corisande Manor with my wife Chris. I am a hotel keeper, part time computer programmer, gardener, wine waiter, head waiter, barman, genealogist, and a few other things in my spare time.

I started out, as we all did, not knowing anything about the web, I got connected in May 1997, and set about seeing how people used the web to find hotels. I reached the conclusion that it was necessary to provide information, rather than just advertising, to lure web surfers to stop on your site, and read what you want them to see. hence this site

With a bit of luck enough of you will book in to the hotel, and I can justify the time spent on it to my wife.

Call me biased, but I think that Corisande Manor Hotel encompasses the best of Cornwall. It is right on the sea, we have stunning views over the sea, we offer interesting food and a fabulous wine cellar. You can read all about that in the Corisande Manor pages

Chris and I bought Corisande in September 1997, and have set about restoring the house and gardens to the original gentleman's residence.Winter of 1996/1997 saw that refurbishment of the sitting room, entrance hall and dining room. The next winter, 1997/1998 saw the complete refurbishment of 7 of the bedrooms. In 1998/1999 we re-did the balcony and further bedrooms. 1999/2000 saw a removal of old secondary staircase and installation of a new one. Come to think of it, you can add decorator, electrician, carpenter and jobbing builder to the list of things I do.

We'd like to welcome you to Corisande and to Cornwall. Why not come an check us out.

When visiting Cornwall the place to stay is Corisande Manor Hotel

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall