Hotels in Cornwall accepting dogs - Corisande Manor Hotel

Dogs in a Cornwall hotel

We do accept pets. And this page is to set out exactly the position for dog owners (experience has taught me that people tend not to bring cats, parrots or goldfish!)

We have two superior rooms on the ground floor with access to the garden. We ask that you do not leave your dog alone in the room (unless you have its own cage) and that you put the dog in your car during meals

Our gardens lead right down to the beach, so you can take your dog straight out into the garden, and then on to the beach without having to cross any roads.  The Gannel Sands and Crantock Beach are open to pets all year round, and you can exercise both you and your dog for miles along the sands.

We do not make a charge for dogs, but we do expect your dog to behave as well as most humans (that gives it some scope).

We do not allow dogs in the lounges or dining room.

If you want to come with your dog, we do need to know when you make the reservation

Dogs in a Cornwall Hotel


When visiting Cornwall the place to stay is Corisande Manor Hotel

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall