Getting to Corisande Manor Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall

Corisande Manor Hotel Cornwall

We get a number of requests for more information on flying, trains and car rental. I have put on this page the links that were working when I tried them - however web pages can alter, so if you get an error message try starting at that company's front page and work your own way through their site.


Bear in mind driving time from Heathrow to Corisande is about 4 and a quarter hours if you drive here yourself. If you try the RAC Driving Time Finder you will be able to work out routes from anywhere to Newquay.

And if you come from beyond our shores and want to know about driving in Britain, then try roundabout web site



Great Western with the route you want at this web address

Depending on the train it takes 4 to 4.5 hours to get to St Austell Par is a better query box on Railtrack - to Newquay takes about 6.5 hours, as you have to change trains at St Austell Par (times tend to be a bit quicker in summer, when more trains run from Par to Newquay)

Car Rental

Avis have a  terrible site to navigate at . They have a depot at Truro, and will deliver to our hotel, or to Newquay Airport or to Truro Railway Station. The exact query you want should be this (cannot guarantee that as they tend to change file names)

Hertz also are based at Truro, will deliver to our hotel, Newquay Airport or Truro Railway Station. Select United Kingdom for the country and Truro for the town to get more information

National are probably the cheapest and will deliver to the airport or to the hotel


National Express operate a very good fleet of coaches from most parts of UK to Newquay. If you go to their web site, and interrogate the search engine there, you can get the timetable for the day you want to travel

Getting to Corisande Manor Hotel Cornwall

When visiting Cornwall the place to stay is Corisande Manor Hotel

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall