Corisande Manor Hotel Cornwall prices

Sooner or later you need to know how much it costs. Summer is more expensive in Cornwall, as for some strange reason people want to be beside the sea then. But Cornwall really is nice all year round.

All our rooms have a view, and are ensuite. 4 of these rooms are larger and swisher and are the Superior rooms below

We are open till 9th Spetember 2006, then re-open next year on May1st 2007

Please note we are closed for the winter and re-open 1st May 2007, please email for a reservation


Bed & Breakfast -  per room per night

Standard Rooms
Superior Rooms
Single room  

For stays of 2 nights or more, if you want to book dinner every night, add 19 per person per night. You need to let us know when you make your hotel reservation that you want dinner every night.

For eating on occasional nights, no problem, you book dinner at 26 a head on those nights you want.

For stays of 7 nights or more we offer a 10% reduction on these prices.

There are NEVER any other offers, deals, or reductions. Everyone pays the same price and gets the same service. We refuse to artificially raise our prices to be able to offer artificial discounts as many hotels unfortunately offer. Please do not ask for offers we do not have them - I get cheesed off with the Moroccan Bazaar brigade who are rude enough to ask for a "better price!", and our policy is to tell such people that we are full.

As we are a small hotel, we can only guarantee a particular room if you are staying for 7 nights or more. We have to maximise room occupancy by matching arrivals and departures in each room, which we cannot do if particular rooms have been allocated.

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If you want to bring the family, we do not offer family rooms, but we do offer children up to 15 in their own room at 1/2 of the adult price. Children under 2 are free (charge if we supply cot)

Dogs by arrangement. Please read this link to get the full details

When visiting Cornwall the place to stay is Corisande Manor Hotel

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall