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Over the winter we are offering tuition to anyone wanting to learn about how to plan and write their own internet site. It costs 60 for two hours tuition while you are staying here. These are the details. e-mail me if you have any questions.

I am also offering a WEB DESIGN service, where we will design, register, publish and maintain your own site for you. Full details are on our web site for learning about Internet site design (click on the link to go there). If you are seriously wanting to get your own web site you may like to consider both coming here, seeing what it is all about, then getting us to sort out a site  for you

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I started out in June 1996, with no knowledge about what the Internet was, how it functioned. I did not even have a connection to the Internet. I had never used the Internet.

Now I have built my own sites. I planned the layout, wrote the copy, programmed the stuff with the help of MS Front Page, researched and bought space on the Internet, published the result for you to see, and have learnt how to get the site picked up by the search engines. It is not just an accident that people find our hotel on the Internet.

Most Internet publishers and designers start out from a technical knowledge, and work back to using that to try to help you sell you business on the Internet. In contrast, I started out knowing that I wanted to sell my hotel, and learnt the technicalities in order to do that.

If you are reading this on the net, then you have all the tools you need in order to publish a site for your own business. Probably the only additional hardware you will need is a flat bed scanner for pictures and MS Front Page. Total cost for these two items is around 200.

Add to that the cost of buying 10Mb of web space, and registering your on domain name of around 300 per year, and you can see that, in business terms it is very cost effective.

If you want tuition from me, then for guests staying in the hotel I am offering two hours tuition for 60 per person on top of the normal hotel costs. It really depends how proficient you want to become, but for someone reasonably intelligent, between three and six hours of tuition should enable you to start doing your own site. We are in the hotel business (still) so the purpose of the deal is to get you to come to our hotel for a well earned break. You can then combine Internet tuition with exploring Cornwall out of season, in my view the best time to see Cornwall. If you have a partner who does not want to bother about computers then they can have a walk on the beach while you tackle the eccentricities of HTML and meta tabs.

I do not know what the demand will be, but I anticipate maximum tuition groups of four people at a time, so that you will get the chance to really learn. In principle you can take up this offer any time except during July and August, which are too busy for me to have the time!

This should appeal to anyone wanting to get their business on the web.

When visiting Cornwall the place to stay is Corisande Manor Hotel

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall