A walk from Corisande Manor Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall to Crantock village

Corisande Manor Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall The walk starts from our garden at Corisande, on the left, then along the sand and over the "tidal bridge" at the Fern Pit (the bridge gets covered at high tide and you take the little ferry then - it is one of the boats in the photo on the right) crantock ferry
beach lifeguard There is a lifeguard presence on virtually all Cornish beaches from Easter to September. Here they are keeping an eye on the surfers. They can get delusions of grandeur at times, I put it down to Baywatch
Crantock beach is wide and sandy as the tide goes out a long way - there is up to 25 feet of rise and fall in the tide. And along the beach there are lots of nooks and crannies, cliffs and sandhills. sandy The village of Crantock has a number of small galleries. The Old Albion pub where we stopped for a pint of Scrumpy and a crab sandwich. An interesting church with elaborate carving inside and the old village stocks.
gallery church studio
albion pub, cronwall wayside cross

As we walked back along the high sided Cornish lanes (r below) we passes an old cross beside the road (left) and a field of photogenic cows (below left)

cows crantock walk Then the path opens out again onto the Gannel and we walk back towards the incoming tide, and reach the safety of Corisande's gardens before the tide gets to us.

Just in time for a Cornish Cream Tea

tidal bridge boats at low water hotel garden
The whole walk, with a stop for lunch takes about two hours. If you get cut off by the tide you need to invest in the ferry, which will set you back 80p!
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