A walk from Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall to Porth Joke and Holywell

crantock beach A slightly longer walk, depending on how far you go, is from Corisande south (map below, green path) along Crantock Beach to Polly Joke and the Kelseys. The wide expanse of Crantock Beach at low tide is shown left and right. Cornwall at its best. surf

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At the far end of the beach you enter National Trust land to Polly Joke. The view to the north and Pentire Head (left below) is replaces by the view to the south and Polly Joke (below right)

west pentire national trust

porth joke
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wpe70.jpg (4127 bytes) We came upon an artist (upper left) painting the cove. Upper centre and upper right are other views of Polly Joke in August sunshine.

Past the cove there are cliffs (left and below) and fields of flowers (right)

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wpe75.jpg (4232 bytes) Soon  Hollywell Bay comes into sight (upper right) before we turn back past Polly Joke (left) and stop for some refreshment at Crantock (right). From Crantock back to Corisande is some 15 minutes - when the tide is out! wpe77.jpg (5937 bytes)
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