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Cornwall weather

We are considerably milder than the rest of Britain

Cornwall is almost an island, cut off from Devon by the River Tamar, which runs along most of the county line. All other sides we are surrounded by the sea. We have both the most westerly point in mainland Britain (Lands End) and the most southerly (The Lizzard)

The combination of being relatively so far south, plus the influence of the Gulf Stream on the long expanse of Cornish coast, makes this a very mild place. Especially right on the coast.

We only get snow very rarely in winter on the coast, many Cornish children grow up never having seen snow. We get very few days of frost either. Aind in summer days are, generally, pleasantly warm

There is no need to come in July or August. Spring comes early here, and autumn lingers longer.  We get well over 1500 hours of sunshine annually and, whilst May is usually the sunniest month, May to July average around 7 hours of sunshine a day.

One could not call the county tropical, but the year round mild climate means that I can look out every day over the palm trees in Corisande's gardens

Weather forecasts

From the "big picture" through to details of  Cornwall and Newquay

the BBC  site gives a satellite map of Britain

CNN have a  site and satellite map of Europe

Newquay (St Mawgan) right now now have all the details from St Mawgan airport weather station just 5 miles from Newquay, everything from temperature to wind, rain, humidity, visability

For Cornwall - the Online forecast

For the Met Office regional forecast   covering the South West of England

The Sea

The sea temperature varies from 9 - 10C in February to 16 - 17C in August.

Newquay Weather at a glance - temps in degrees C

Hours of Sun Max Temp Min Temp Rainfall (mm) Sea Temp
Jan   60   8   3 113   8
Feb   83   8   3   90   9
Mar 131   8   3   80   9
Apr 190 12   5   50 10
May 220 14   8   60 11
Jun 217 17 11   55 12
Jul 204 18 12   65 15
Aug 194 19 13   75 16
Sep 158 17 11   80 14
Oct 111 14   9   90 13
Nov   73 10   6 110 13
Dec   55   9   5 116   8

When visiting Cornwall the place to stay is Corisande Manor Hotel

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall

Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall

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